About us

Aluminum Products: Our Aluminum Products are designed with different kind of shapes and each shape has its own uniqueness. We promise to never compromise in our quality. Our products cover all types of interior decoration material
and, we take special orders in request, but only bulk orders will be taken into consideration.

Chandeliers: We bring a spark to your life with our chandeliers. Our chandeliers products are so popular, and It has many different types of designs which will leave your eyes open. Chandeliers are the beautiful products which we carry in our inventory. Its magnificent look gives extra touch to your heartiest place.

Dish Pot: Trend of serving has been prevalent since last many years and the authenticity has never died. Similarly, our dish pots create the unforgettable moment for your event and leaves a lasting impression on others.

Door Hardware: With the huge demand of door handles in the houses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and many other places we choose to keep selling the traditional way of locking system and we promise to deliver the best quality which gives you mental satisfaction of safety and security with our products.

Furniture Décor Items: We carry variety of furniture items It includes well designed table, chair, Sofa, and dressing table but it does not limit to this. We use variety of wood to build strong product from base.

Interior Décor items: Our Interior Décor items are the most popular due to their uniqueness in designs. Our product are made of different type of metals and we keep a huge inventory of these items due to the high response from our clients.

Photo Frames: Walls shouldn’t go unnoticed, adding our photo frames design on your wall will make your wall looks more beautiful aesthetically.

Table lamps: Lighten your room with our table lamps and charm your room with positivity of lamps.

Wall Art: Our Wall Art will change the Aura of the place wherever you decide to place and position the product.

Wall Lamps and Lightning Items: Lighten your room in a fancy style with our advanced designs

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